Binaural Mic 2.0

A Head Two Mics Something to mount it to a micstand 1. The Mic First i experimented with disassebling chep measurement mics and they are still an amazing choice for a good sound but it takes longer and the DIY construction is always a bit unreliable. But the easy answer was so close. Omnidirectional Lav […]

IRT – Munich Anechoic Chamber IRS (Studio vs. Anechoic )

For my Bachelor Thesis i rented the anechoic chamber of the IRT munich. I made IRs and virtual cabinets there. One thing was drastically different this time. I wanted to know exactly how the anechoic chamber compared to IRs made in a studio. So i captured the same two cabs in both room with the […]

Selfbuilt Binaural Mic

If you think these heads are overpriced, you might have the same impression as I had. So I built one myself to evaluate if this could be cool for room mics. But the problem with self-built heads are mounting them to a mic stand properly. Attaching the microphones and the mic jack. Even the crappiest […]

Dual-PZM Mic

After coming up with the idea I found out about the Haun Dual-PZM system and the Crown SASS. MY i dead of a dual pzm mic on a plate was to combine the channel separation of the Jecklin-Disk with the ease of use of an XY-Mic without having that much crosstalk and wihtout having the […]

XXL Jecklin Disk

I had this idea. People have this thing on their shoulder and on the left and right side they got ears, seperated by that roundish blob we call head. CRAZY, right? So, As the mono hater, that i am, i like stereo recordings but hate phase issues. So far x/y is what i prefer but […]

MY way to improve the sound of acoustic instruments live.

If you have a acoustic guitar ,you might know the problem when it comes to playing live. Let’s be honest, your sound either sucks or you can not move a bit, because you use a mic. -Piezo Pickups sound plasticy and unnatural Mics force you to not move at all Internal mics are often place […]

On tour with only one Case

The smallest setup to tour with a bass or guitar including a wireless system.

Profiling with the Kemper

A litte tutorial…

Tilted IRs

Don’t mess with single bands on you EQ, make it brighter by changing the IR

Linearized IRs

The perfect IR for solos

Anechoic Chamber Virtual Cabinets

My cooperation with Two Notes

The Mics i use

There is an enormous amount of mics out there. Here are some of the mics i use and a short review of them:

Speaker = Mic

If it works for Bassdrum why not for other sources?

Making IRs in an anechoic chamber

I got the chance to make IRs inside a anechoic chamber!