Binaural Mic 2.0

  • A Head
  • Two Mics
  • Something to mount it to a micstand

1. The Mic

First i experimented with disassebling chep measurement mics and they are still an amazing choice for a good sound but it takes longer and the DIY construction is always a bit unreliable. But the easy answer was so close. Omnidirectional Lav mics!

They already have the capsule and the phantom power unit separated so now it is ultra easy to build.

Because of the clear sound i chose the AKG C 417 pp.

2. The Head

Finding a Fitting head that i could maniculate to get a mic in. and that was possible ot mount onto a mic stand was pur horror. But i found the perfect one:

In the Sportsection i found this Head for Boxing purposes. It is already empty on the inside and has a Grip so it was perfect. It was out of rubber and there was nothing left to wish for. (the exact head from the pictures is not available anymore but the Company „Fox-Fight“ makes a new version)

3. The Mic clamp

Finding a sturdy mic clamp that could hold the Head was not that easy but after some trying this one worked: It is the mic clamp of tha Rode NT4.

Overall for around now 300€ you get a very nice Binaural option. You can go crazy with mics or you can put cheap lav mics in there. I also tried the Movo xlr lav mics … they were okayish.

Since i use this mic mostly for room the quality is not that important since i only blend it to the close mic signal. So far i am ultra happy.

And now two Soundtests. Selfnoise is a weakness right now but maybe i will update to better Lavs someday.