Selfbuilt Binaural Mic

If you think these heads are overpriced, you might have the same impression as I had. So I built one myself to evaluate if this could be cool for room mics.

But the problem with self-built heads are mounting them to a mic stand properly. Attaching the microphones and the mic jack. Even the crappiest heads, made for simply holding headphones are morbidly overpriced.

But I found a solution. Look up these head in boxing gear. They have a grip inside and the mic clip for the Rode nt4 fits securely to that grip. The first problem is solved. Now to the mics. Simply get two measurement mics and disassemble them attach the ground and the cables to a mics cable put it inside of the ears of the rubber head and you’re done!

And the results were great! I made a blind test with other mics and tested it with different kinds of stereo micing techniques.

The Binaural sound ultra wide and natural and is both on speakers and headphones simply something else