On tour with only one Case

I was on tour with the band Machete Dance Club. We had a Nightliner and for me, it was clear I wanted to bring only one case. When gigging every day, reduced gear helps to have more fun because we had no roadies, so the less exhaustion, the more fun on stage.

So I needed a case with enough space. The Bare minimum was an amp tone, a D.I. signal, a tuner, a wireless system, power supply … and more

So I decided to get the HX-Stomp and it is amazing. It could deliver everything I needed inside one box except the wireless unit.

Here I decided to get the Line 6 g30 and I was very happy with my choice.

I cut out a perfectly fitting piece of thick PVC and it was done!

My last problem was the power supply. Getting a 5way daisy chain cable was way too much, carrying two power supplies was simply against my idea of a small rig and getting a bigger one with more outputs was also stupid. So I decided to built a small breakout cable myself and it worked flawlessly!