XXL Jecklin Disk

I had this idea. People have this thing on their shoulder and on the left and right side they got ears, seperated by that roundish blob we call head. CRAZY, right? So, As the mono hater, that i am, i like stereo recordings but hate phase issues. So far x/y is what i prefer but the seperation of the channels is missing. I’m also not a fan of the heads that you can buy with built in mics, just because the built in mics suck.

Then I found the Jecklin Disk and the Schneider Disk. The disk seperates both channels similar like a head.

The problem is: These disks reflect and the absorbers are ultra thin. I wanted thicker and better absorbers and a bigger size.

The parts you need:
-Table mic-mount
– Glue for foam
– a PVC plate
– some screws
– and a metal plate

Tools you need:
– Welder
-Milling machine
-basic tools
To mount the Disk to a regular mic stand, you need to weld a extension to the noses of the extensionarm. So, cut of these ends and weld the metal plates to it.
Drill some holes and your down.
Screw both plates to the plate. Now you can use it already but we go a step further.
Use the milling machine to get space for the plates and mounts.
Glue the shit together an you have a cool new way for wide stereo recordings with less spill.