The Story
How it is made
The Mics
The Story

IRs are incredible flexlible tool to get good D.I. tones. But it is not the best idea to first cut frequencies and then trying to eq something back in. With the helper IRs you can save information, color, add something or even out your tone. They are the right tool to mess with your existing IRs before Eqing.

Do you have an IR you already like, but eqing them changes to much of the balance? This is the Problem I run into sometimes and my idea was using another IR to mix in what you like. And these are the “Helper IRs”.   Use a IR loader that allows you to mix different IRs and here you go.

How it is made
  • AirBOOST - These are IRs of a Genelec Tweeter© close up. You can blend in Highend sparkle to all of you IRs.
  • HiBOOST - Made by micing the tweeter of a basscab, just like the tweeter in the famous Rivera© Sedona© 55 shows. A tweeter can also do wonders on your guitar tone!
  • MIDBOOST - Made by converting a small speaker into a mic and then micing the speaker. This sounds organic and natural and way better then a bandpass but it gives you only the full and warm mids of your amp.
  • BASSBOOST - Made with a Oktava© 52-02 at close proximity. This gives you almost only the bass of your signal but sounds also way more natural then a highcut would.
  • SUBOOST - Some are made by micing the bassport and one special one is a miced Genelec© 7070 Subwoofer that reaches below 20Hz. If you need to get serious Subs you need this!
Since the Helper IRs lack information in the regions outside their purpose they will not interfere with your existing IR as much and give your a more organic sounding boost of frequencies then a eq would. Also the curve you add to your signal has a character, while the eq is smooth the is sound like a cab and that mixes very well to your signal.
The Mics

These Mics are used:

  • Measurement Mic - Beyerdynamic MM1
  • 103 - Neumann© TLM 103
  • 102 - Neumann© TLM 102
  • 153 - Beyerdynmic© TG 153
  • 57 - Shure© SM57
  • 219 - Oktava© MK219
  • 2k - Audio Technica© MB2k
  • 6 - Audix d6
  • 20 - EV© RE20
  • 112 - AKG D112
  • 602II - Sennheiser© 602II